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BITTER LEAF. is a leaf that very bitter in taste and is botanically called VERNONIA AMYGDALINA.

Ghana – Akan: Awonwene. Ga – Tatsho
Nigeria – Hausa: Kakade
Yuroba – Ewuro
Igbo – Olubu or Onubu

It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2.

Made popular by it’s bitter taste, it is used for preparing the well-known Bitter leaf soup mostly consumed by Nigerian and Ghanaian people.

This vegetable is extremely good for the body, health benefits include:


(1) squeeze bitter leaf without water to come out the pure juice of the leaf to tackle chronic pile by drinking it one or two times a day after eating with half a cup for a week.

(2). Squeeze bitter leaf with water to come out the juice and drink half a cup two times a day for 30 days morning and night after eating for losing of weight.

(3). Regular taking bitter leaf juice and Aloe Vera everyday for long period of time must cure and prevent diabetes and reduce high level sugar in blood stream.

(4). Mixed pure juice of bitter leaf and aloe vera juice with your cream to rub your body regularly must cure common skin diseases likes, rashes, pimples, ringworms, eczema and refreshing your skin.

(5). Mix pure juice of bitter leaf with liquid milk must make you sleep well. If taken by nursing mothers it will increase the quality and production of breast milk. And is a sources of vitamins that we needed in our body.

(6). cooking it as a soup like vegetable soup regularly will prevent even cure malaria.
Cook enough of it with Lemon 🍋 grass and drink half cup each morning before breakfast, afternoon and evening.

(7). FOR BLOOD TUNIC. one bottle of pure juice of bitter leaf. one bottle of pure lime juice. one bottle of pure honey. 12 eggs. mix together and drink one shut a day.

(8). Drinking bitter leaf daily help women with Fibroid problems or Tumor developing in the Uterus or around the Ovaries.
Just boil enough and be drinking daily an hour before breakfast.

(9). Drinking bitter leaf juice daily cleans and purify the blood and improve general circulation system.

(10). Bleeding Piles and Waist Pains:.
You can grind Bitter leaf and mix it with any strong alcohol like Akpeteshie and string through the anus. Repeat in four days time. Very powerful for those with bleeding piles.

(11). Woman Friendly

Bitter leaf is one of the best woman friendly plants. It is good for the body either before, during or after menopause.

Bitter leaf takes care of such symptoms as hot flashes, internal heat and rheumatism. With bitter leaf around, women do not need to take artificial oestrogen has its own serious negative side effects.

Bitter leaf does not supply oestrogen but helps the body to produce the right amount of oestrogen needed for life function.
I still remember how my grandma use to prepare delicious soup and stew with Bitter leaf and smoked fishes and meat.

I personally encourage those with stroke or symptoms of stroke, Diabetes, Kidney and Liver problems to consume more Bitter leaf juice daily and eat it soup and use Raw Coconut oil to prepare it stew.
Those with Diabetes should do well to avoid anything sweet, sugar, milk, meat, soda drinks, canned food and drinks, indomin, junk foods or fast foods.

Remember anything that taste sweet apart from fruits is poisonous to the human body and will weaken your immune system.

Bitter leaf has lot of health benefits and I can’t mention all here.


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